Deglutory matter

Deglutition is the physiological process through which the alimentary bolus is transported from the mouth to the stomach.

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Stevia, sweet panacea?

Sweet is more than a flavour. It is a world of nuances and aromas, a range of sensations and experiences linked to the pleasures of the table. «Sweeter than honey», that is what the poets sang in passionate verses, knowing that there was no better delight than sweetness on your lips.


Genetically modified crops 2.0

La controvèrsia sobre els cultius transgènics sorgida als anys noranta s’ha reduït considerablement i decau fins a quasi silenciar-se a la premsa digital espanyola.


The world’s largest kitchen

Thus was born the Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company (LEMCO), whose product was immediately successful due to its excellent flavour and affordable price, low enough for the emerging European middle class.

Socioecologia Dieta


One fine day I found I had a Mediterranean diet. Just as Molière’s character, who was happy to learn he was speaking in prose, I experienced the satisfaction of right and proper eating. It turns out humankind feeds wrong.

traditional knowledge about plants

«Abans que es pins facin magranes i ses figueres melons»*

The main goal of the study presented here is to compile traditional knowledge about plants in Formentera and Mallorca, with a focus on medicinal and food uses, before it is too late and such knowledge is lost.


A return to tradition

Very few activities have been so attached to the development of our society like agriculture has. All along history, the world of agriculture has been an essential piece in the social and economic changes of the region of Valencia. For centuries, our ancestors have selected and used vegetables and animals for their own feeding and for their communities, in a Mediterranean ecosystem, within the laws of ecology, adapting to the environment and modifying it.


Food Ethics

Relfexionem sobre la fam al món, l'alimentació sostenible o els animals de granja en aquest article compromés amb la bona qualitat dels aliments.

texture of food

The texture of food

Flavour and texture are two criteria currently used to accept or reject food. Texture is a concept with no clear definition when used in gastronomy. However, materials science can help us to develop objective procedures to measure the texture of foods, for the latter is