«Killing your daughter goes contrary to the tendency to want to pass on one’s genes»

New Mètode Science Studies Journal annual review.

Unpredictability even without butterflies?
Pere Estupinyà

Science communicator, writer and public speaker. That is how Pere Estupinyà (Tortosa, 1974) describes himself. He is also known as «the sex scientist».



We talk to the expert sociobiologist awarded with the Crafoord Prize in Biosciences

We humans have long been aware that as a species we have great power to modify the natural world. We sure have. But it has only been a few decades since society, with a firm voice, turned against the destruction carried out in the past. We want to preserve the

Carlos Hermenegildo

Quality research is – and will always be – one of the hallmarks of the University of Valencia. But, in addition, we believe that dissemination and popularisation can help deepen the exchange of wisdom and ideas, which are the basis of the knowledge society.

Solar orbiter

The ESA Solar Orbiter will be launched into space in 2020 and it will get very close to our star.


The palaeogenomics (ancient DNA) field can be defined as the recovery and analysis of genetic material from the biological remains of the past and has become a powerful scientific field that provides direct information about the evolutionary process through space and time.

How do decision-making processes affect brain activity? What role do emotions play on finances?
basil mosquito repllent

Popular lore has transmitted the use of basil as a mosquito repellent to avoid their bite. Why this plant repel mosquitoes?

The statement is false. Instead of answering the question, we are going to explain the falseness of the implicit premise in the question.


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