cover trump pandemics management

The problem with the handling of COVID-19 in the United States has been more political than public health-related. When a country has a president who «didn’t know» and thought that «most people didn’t know» that the flu can kill people, what can be expected in terms of the handling of a pandemic?
Anthony Fauci pandemics metaphors

Early criticism of COVID-19 rhetoric cautions against the use of war metaphors that can shift us toward authoritarian and nationalistic sentiment, evoking xenophobia and racism.
medical staff coronavirus response

In addition to protective isolation, enhanced medical capacity, safer sociality and health oriented economic stimulus, we will need to turn our hearts, hands, and minds to reweaving and strengthening the complex and vital social web.
Vicent Pelechano lab

The biochemist Vicent Pelechano, together with his team in Sweden, has developed a simple, fast, and affordable method to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus in patients. He explains in this interview.
covid crisis climate emergency

Losing sight of climate change in the media could run the risk of strengthening the consensus for a narrative in favour of economic growth that leaves environmental issues in the background.
coronavirus black swans

Although the coronavirus is a microbe, the author uses two animal analogies to explain the sudden and unexpected (or otherwise) appearance of phenomena such as COVID-19, but also other «unexpected» disasters of an economic, social, or political nature.



New Mètode Science Studies Journal Call for Papers about addictions. Deadline for submission: 15th October 2020.
climate crisis

New Mètode Call for Papers about climate crisis. Deadline for submission: 15th September 2020.


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