Editorial Staff


Martí Domínguez. University of Valencia (UV)


Office of the Vice-Principal for Research of the University of Valencia

Editorial Staff

Anna Mateu (Assistant editor)

José Luis Iniesta (Design and Layout)

Lucía Sapiña (O2C)

Susanna Ligero (Edition)

Anna Alcàcer (Administration)

Miguel Lorenzo (Photographer)

Linguistic Advice and Editing

Josep Agustí (Translation)

Manuel Gil (Translation)

Tatiana Pina (Proofreading)


Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia

Quart, 80

46008 Valencia (Spain)

[email protected]

For administraton and subscription queries, contact Anna Alcàcer (tel.: +34 96 386 45 61), from Publications Service of the University of Valencia.

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