About the blind peer review process

Enviament dels articles

Monograph articles or documentary texts sent to Mètode will undergo a double blind peer-review evaluation process. Authors must register here and send the document through Mètode’s OJS platform.

Should the author find any technical difficulty, please contact [email protected].

Acceptació dels articles

Articles received for these sections will be previously assessed by the editorial staff, director or Advisory Board and they will determine the adequacy of the text to the theme and formal rules in the Author Guidelines. In case these Guidelines are met, the article will be submitted for external review. The identity of the reviewers will be confidential and the authors will not have access to it. Assessors –external to the editorial staff, advisory board and scientific board– can approve the article, ask for changes and modifications that will require further review by the experts, or reject the article. If only one of the experts rejects the article, the text will be submitted to a third assessor. In case of conflict, the journal will pay attention to the allegations as soon as possible, following Mètode’s Ethical Code.

Submission preparation checklist

In order to ensure the integrity of the blind peer review in the submissions to this journal, the anonimity of authors and referees must be kept. To do so, please check the following:

  1. The document must be sent in a main file in word format or equivalent, with no elements that can identify the authors.
  2. The authors of the document must remove their names from the text. In the case of self-quotations, the name must be substituted by “Author” and the year, and remove the rest of references.
  3. The authors must check that any identification in the document data and metadata has been removed (both in word files and in pdfs).
  4. The document must have a cover page, sent as a complementary file, with: Title and subtitle, abstract, keywords and complete data of all the authors (name, affiliation, biographical reference, email and address). Acknowledgements and the framework project of the paper (when necessary) will also be included in this document.
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