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Science at the table

Articles on scientific gastronomy from Mètode

Fernando Sapiña
ISBN: 978-84-9133-264-0
Language: English (also available in Catalan)
Edition: Juli Peretó
Translation: Fabiola Barraclough, Interglobe Language
Date of edition: 2019
Pages: 232
Price: 15


Joan Lluís Vives Award: best book in natural and applied sciences

Science at the table collects the articles that the chemist and science communicator Fernando Sapiña (1964-2018) regularly published in his section on science and cuisine in Mètode. The book, published in collaboration with the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of Valencia and edited by Juli Peretó, presents 42 articles on the physical and chemical principles underlying food and its preparation, all accompanied by a recipe.

The book evidences Fernando Sapiña’s vocation as a science communicator, with texts based on literary references and day-to-day experiences, as well as family and friendship stories. An unmissable book to discover cooking and the science behind it.

Fernando Sapiña

Fernando Sapiña

Fernando Sapiña (1964-2018) was a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, School of Chemistry at the Universitat de València (UV) and a researcher at the Institute of Materials Science, of which he was also the director. His research focused on novel ways to synthesize materials with controlled properties, composition and microstructure. Besides other topics, he worked on molecular magnetism, critical high temperature supercomputers, magnetoresistive and thermal-barrier materials. Fernando also promoted the degree in Gastronomic Sciences at the UV, and was an advisor to the Chair of Science Dissemination, Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the UV as well as of the Espai Ciència (Institut d’Estudis Catalans Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporània) and the popular science journal MÈTODE. In addition he edited the collection of outreach books entitled Sense fronteres and Ciència entre Lletres. He was a regular columnist for journals such as MÈTODE and Saó, as well as publishing the books Un futuro sostenible (A Sustainable Future) and El reto energético (Energy Challenge), which were both finalists in the European Scientific Dissemination Awards and reflected his concern for the climate crisis and sustainable development.