Food Ethics

We live in a world where some people eat too much and some people eat too litle. According to FAO, 842 million people suffer from chrnonic malnutrition, while the number of obese people nears 600 million people.
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The foods ethics. There are many issues that can be analysed from an ethical point of view in the production and allocation of food: global hunger, sustainable food systems, welfare of farm animals, food safety, genetically modified organisms, food marketing, etc. Here I try to apply universal ethical values as freedom, equality, solidarity, active respect, dialogue, responsibility, and justice, to those issues. I defend that we can and must produce and allocate enough food in the world to avoid the starving of millions of people nowadays. We can and must produce the food in a sustainable way. We can and must do it caring for the welfare of the farm animals avoiding the units of intensive production. We must communicate the consumers our doubts on food security, and make them aware of the advantages and disadvantages of genetically modified organisms. Information is needed by consumers to be able to judge if the product is as expected.

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