About Mètode

Mètode is a journal devoted to science communication and its study, published by the University of Valencia since 1992,  and aimed at science communication and its advancement. Mètode is an ideal place to put into practice scientific communication and, at the same time, to study it. A point of interaction between science and humanities, concerning so many aspects that it allows the participation of artists, philosophers, sociologist, historians, journalists and literary authors. On this balance between praxis and theory lies its strength and originality.

Mètode. Science communication journal of the University of Valencia

Mètode is a quarterly science communication journal published simultaneously in Catalan and Spanish. The journal publishes opinion texts, interviews and reports on current scientific topics and their social implications. Mètode publishes a quarterly monograph coordinated by experts on each specific field. These core papers undergo a peer review process and are also published in English in Métode Science Studies Journal.

Mètode Science Studies Journal: A journal promoting science reflection

Mètode SSJ is Mètode‘s English-language annual review. The documents collected in this publication undergo a double-blind peer review process by experts on each field. Mètode SSJ publishes essays, review texts and analysis on current science and science communication.

Mètode SSJ is open to the participation of researchers and professionals who want to publish original work. Papers and review texts on any topic related to science and its communication are welcome

Mètode SSJ is indexed by JCR (ESCI), Scopus, ERIH Plus and Latindex, among others.

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