Call for papers

photography and science

Photography and science have gone hand in hand since the appearance of the first photographic images at the beginning of the 19th century. This monograph is open to articles that analyse different aspects (historical, communicative, aesthetic, technical, etc.) of the relationship between science and photography. Deadline for submission: extended deadline until 3 June 2022.
Bellesa natura

In a world where it seems that it would be best to go unnoticed, many organisms impudently exhibit their beauty. Call for papers for the special monograph on Beauty in nature. Deadline for submission: 25 March 2022.

The COVID-19 has highlighted the connection between different species and the ecosystems in which they live. One Health is conceptualized as the idea that the health of humans, other animals, and ecosystems are interdependent. Metode SSJ is open to contributions that analyse the challenges facing the concept of One Health. Extended deadline for submission: 10 February 2022.
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