Call for papers

natural history of human societies

Evolutionary biology suggests explanations for the natural and remote origins of cooperation, as well as the cognitive revolution associated with the emergence of our species and the social organization that characterizes it. This monograph is open to the submission of papers on social human structures, based on the biological bases of cooperation. Deadline: 15 October 2021.

The COVID-19 has highlighted the connection between different species and the ecosystems in which they live. One Health is conceptualized as the idea that the health of humans, other animals, and ecosystems are interdependent. Metode SSJ is open to contributions that analyse the challenges facing the concept of One Health. Deadline for submission: 15 January 2022.
zones àrides

Drylands, places where rainfall covers less than 60% of the water that evaporates, are key to maintaining and sustaining our planet. New Metode Science Studies Journal call for papers on drylands. Deadline for submission: 22 September 2021.
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