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Ciència i memòria / Lican Esteve (

Violence resulting from armed and political conflicts has led many societies to carry with them the suffering of those who have disappeared. This issue is dedicated to the role played by social and forensic sciences in the service of shed light on memory. Deadline for submission: 15 September 2018.
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Science tries to find solutions to the challenges related to the development and evolutionary success of humanity. Resource and waste management are some of them. How can we face these and other important questions from science? Deadline for the submission of documents: 15 May 2018.

The media have started venturing when the intelligence of machines will surpass that of humans, what jobs will be replaced earlier, and how we should prepare for post-humanism.

We can’t help getting amazed when observing the wide variety of life forms through the world, even more when realizing that their distribution follow clear patterns whose causes turn out to be difficult to explain. Why are some species only found in a particular environment, while others can be found

The interaction between medicine and literature has been constant over time. Doctors who were also writers, ill people who have told their stories, authors who have either ridiculed or exalted doctors’ role... Stories about epidemics, about bad practices, scams, success stories... What can we learn from all of these?

Biotechnology can give answers to different social challenges: biomedical issues, such as the need to provide a solution for illnesses and infections, or food issues, such as producing enough to feed an ever-increasing world population.

Call for papers open for autumn 2017's monograph, «The wolf in sheep's clothing», devoted to pseudosciences.
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