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Mètode is open to the reception of documents on the subject matter of each monograph or on any scientific field.

The documents in the journal are divided into two main groups, depending on whether or not they undergo a peer review process:

a) Current affairs and opinion articles: opinion, reports, interviews and book reviews.

b) Research papers (peer-reviewed): Thematic monographs and independent documents (Future monographs can be checked here).

Current affairs and opinion proposals, mainly science popularization, can be sent directly to our editorial office or to the coordinator of the Book Reviews section (only book reviews).

For peer-reviewed documents (monographs and independent texts), Mètode‘s OJS must be used to submit the original, as detailed following these lines. Apart from being published in the quarterly journal, these texts will be published in English language in Mètode Science Studies Journal, both in the online version and in the annual review. This publication is indexed in the most important academic databases.

Guidelines for the submission of original works

Prior to submitting your document, please read the Author guidelines carefully. They detail formal requirements, as well as how to prepare your file for the peer review process.

Registration and submission: All submissions should be made online through the Mètode Science Studies Journal Open Journal System site. New users should first create an account here (users of the University of Valencia have to indicate they are members of the University of Valencia when they create the account in the Mètode SSJ site and they have to register the username and password of their UV account). Once you already have a username and password, you can send your file here.

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