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Nutrition, diet, and health

New Mètode Call for Papers. The monograph for issue 106 (volume 3, 2020) will be devoted to the social, economic, and cultural aspects of nutrition. Deadline for submission: 2 December 2019.

Food and nutrition myths

We now have more information than ever about nutrition. But, at the same time, we have great difficulties to identify reliable information and, above all, to understand the limitations of science to answer so many of the questions that we make ourselves about how the food we eat and the food we avoid affects our health.

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The kidnapping of words in nutrition

We have to resort to less comfortable and more tangled phrases such as raw material or unprocessed product, because we run the risk that the next time we tell our patients to eat «natural products», they end up buying broth, refined bread or juice.

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The scam of pseudoscience, under Mètode’s magnifying glass

«Pseudosciences are by-products of the prestige of science as a social enterprise and as a means of obtaining knowledge. Their character is inherently negative, given that, by definition, a pseudoscience is an intellectual fraud». Thus begins monograph 95 of Mètode, coordinated by Angelo Fasce.

Add a Pinch of Salt to Taste…

In the spring of 1965, Dwayne Douglas, assistant coach of the University of Florida’s football team, posed a question to Robert Cade, kidney specialist at the same university. Why do players lose so much weight during training and matches and urinate so little? To Cade, the answer was obvious: the players were sweating so much they lost weight and did not have enough fluids left to urinate.

Necessity and Excess

In late modernity, and particularly in the so-called First World, eating habits (like consumption in general) has become a way to look for safety, well-being, freedom and identity. This consumption is also object of social control by peer groups, family, Administrations,