Green wave: environmental communication

Environmental journalism, seven years later

In the picture, Nel·lo Pellisser and Maria Josep Picó, coordinators of Green wave, issue number 66 of Mètode.

The environment and biodiversity have been central issues for Mètode during these 25 years disseminating science, along with environmental communication. This is a milestone that we celebrate proudly because we have been part of it, and because the prestige earned by the journal during this quarter of a century.

This anniversary invites us to look back. In the summer of 2010, the monograph Green Wave. Environmental communication was published. We were very satisfied with it, and we still are. We are also grateful for the opportunity given to us by its editor-in-chief, Martí Domínguez. Then we were so happy with the contributors that gathered to composed that issue and now, while browsing it, we are happy again. About everything.

Seven years later, same as the waves caused by the impact of a stone in a pond, it seems that the green wave has lost strength. Among several reasons, we would point at the transformations that have taken place in the media system, the confusion about the business model, and how media displays a short-term vision in the face of adversity. After this time, we do find some current environmental issues on the media agendas, but, in general, they have lost coverage; most of all, the coverage has lost the scientific approach.

In this issue we highlighted the prominent role achieved by environmental journalism during the last few decades, but we did warn that the evolution and growth of this communicative field had to overcome some obstacles to gain strength and rigour. Years later we can see that not only these constraints are still there, but have become worse.

Within the field of scientific communication, environmental issues have taken a prominent role in the last two decades. This has earned them a special place in the media.

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