Xavier Duran

Graduate in Chemical Sciences with a PhD in Communication Sciences. He now works as a science journalist for TV3 (Spain), writes books of essays and is involved in other science popularisation work. He has published several books, among which La ciència en la literatura (University of Barcelona, 2015) stands out. His work L’imperi de les dades. El big data, oportunitats i amenaces (Bromera, 2018) won the 20th European Award of Scientific Dissemination General Study.

transplantaments en la literatura

Long before the first successful transplants were performed on humans, some writers had already written about them in fiction. Literature can contribute to the ethical and social debate surrounding transplants.


Giulia van Pelt English physicist and writer Charles Percy Snow (1905-1980) sometimes asked representatives of the so-called «traditional


The British writer J.G. Ballard claimed that in order to be able to write a fiction novel set in our


© Städel Museum, Frankfurt Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein. Goethe in the Campagna di Roma, 1787. Oli on canvas.


The gradual melting of the Arctic, the subsequent opening of new shipping routes and easier access to various natural resources comprise a topic that