Pieces of science

New volume of Metode Science Studies Journal

Pieces of Science

Pieces of science is the title of the 2024 volume of Metode Science Studies Journal. Volume 14 of this English-language publication brings together the monographs published in 2023 on topics as diverse as scientific and nature photography, dinosaurs, primates and storytelling in science.

The new volume highlights the role of stories and how they allow us to communicate each piece of evidence, each piece that represents an advance in knowledge. We discover fossils, pieces that help us reinterpret the past, images that help us understand nature, behaviours that deepen our knowledge of ourselves and other animals.

The volume opens with an article by Professor Massimiano Bucchi, who reflects on digital innovation, our use of technology and its regulation. The annual publication also looks at botanical illustration from a gender perspective, with an analysis of the work of Madame Davit.

The new issue features artwork by the artist Pasqual Gomes, whose Montpellier 4 illustrates the cover, as well as nature photographs by Roberto García-Roa, illustrations by the palaeontologist Óscar Sanisidro, drawings by the primatologist Jordi Sabater Pi (1922–2009), and works from the De rerum natura series by the photographer Joan Fontcuberta, all of which accompany the contributions to the various monographs.

With this new issue, Metode Science Studies Journal consolidates its position in the academic field, as confirmed by its presence in the main indexes and databases: JCR (ESCI), Scopus, Google Scholar, Latindex and Erih Plus, among others. Metode Science Studies Journal is an open access publication whose content can be consulted freely and without restriction.

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