Tsunamis, waves, Quixotes, and KO-vid

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the creative use of metaphors, which is particularly relevant in the case of cartoonists.


The end of doubt

As the debate on vaccines grows, people with doubts will dissipate them and take a stand for or against them.

suplement alimentari COVID-19

Are there any dietary supplements that can prevent COVID-19?

Essentially there is no supplement that can prevent the coronavirus, but many patients who have suffered from the coronavirus have vitamin D deficiency.


Why has the virus spread so rapidly across Europe in recent months?

The virus has spread again in the different populations because we have lowered our protective measures, when we should have maintained them for a much longer period.


In the crosshairs

Although humans' irresponsible and indiscriminate use of the natural environment could be one of the causes behind the recent coronavirus crisis, bats have been targeted for their role as natural reservoirs of zoonotic pathogens.

periodisme científic illust

A golden opportunity for science journalism

The word science has never been as present in the media as it was during the COVID-19 pandemic, and if this continues to be the case in the coming months, it is very likely that something will remain even after the coronavirus disappears.

illustr virus sex

COVID-19: Sexes and evolution, on the defensive

Embracing an evolutionary perspective thus helps to explain why men and women react differently to certain infectious diseases and to understand (and combat) the strategies of viruses in their relentless evolutionary race to infect and spread among us.

diana proteases

Coronavirus proteases: a priority target in the search for antivirals

Despite all the achievements in such a short period of time, we must stress that obtaining a drug capable of inhibiting any of the proteases in SARS-CoV-2, or any other pathogenic agent, is a long and complex process that requires the participation of different branches of science.

hospital en temps de pandèmia

The time of pandemics: a reflection from a historical perspective

Every historical period has had its epidemic executioner, and it has almost always been the ecological changes between human communities and the environment that have caused changes in pathogenicity and epidemic diseases.

cover trump pandemics management

«We didn’t know…»

The problem with the handling of COVID-19 in the United States has been more political than public health-related. When a country has a president who «didn’t know» and thought that «most people didn’t know» that the flu can kill people, what can be expected in terms of the handling of a pandemic?