Greta Thunberg

An offensive against the core of our conscience

Greta Thunberg and our young people remind us that we cannot keep looking the other way. Otherwise, we will be denying our sons and daughters – and ourselves, of course – the right to life.

Maxwell Boykoff at La Nau - 28 February 2019

Humour and creativity to communicate climate change

Maxwell Boykoff discusses the keys to innovative and effective scientific communication with his lecture at the La Nau Cultural Centre on 28 February.


The energy crossroads

Energy is the blood that moves today’s society and is one of the factors that has decisively contributed to improving humanity’s quality of life. This paper addresses the potential challenges and opportunities in the development of global energy systems, emphasising how deeply interconnected the energy and climate debates are.


The planetary crisis of the Anthropocene

We are living through a crisis which we call Anthropocene. Even though we study their ecological impact, their causes are social: the destruction of cultures and biodiversity is the heritage of colonialism, although it is now following different paths or being played out by different actors.


Agriculture of the future

Guaranteeing access to food for a growing human population – based on sustainability criteria and in the face of the climate change threat – is the main challenge for twenty-first-century agriculture. The solutions are inevitably complex, require a variety of coordinated measures, and are dependent on the development of technologies.

Maxwell Boykoff

Maxwell Boykoff opens the series «The great challenges of science» with a lecture on climate change

When, where, why and under what conditions is climate change communicated? On 28 February at 19:00, Maxwell Boykoff will deliver a lecture at the La Nau Cultural Centre devoted to creativity and climate change communication.


Living with climate change

Journalist Bievenido León comments on the monograph Living with climate change, published on spring 2015, and dedicated to the cultural challenges proposed by this global change.


The neuroscience of rationality

We live in an age of contradictions. It might well be the age we land on Mars, rule over our own DNA, or fuse two atoms to recreate a star. Alas, it is also the age of Trump, climate change denial, or the spending of millions of euros on pseudosciences such as homeopathy.

COP Paris

Communicating climate change

In early February, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) organised a meeting in Oslo with the goal of improving the effectiveness and impact of their communication actions. During 9 and 10 February, this organism gathered around fifty experts from the communication, politics, business and

Drosophila subobscura

How do organisms adapt to climate change?

Documentary text on how chromosomal inversions in natural populations of the species Drosophila subobscura are good indicators of climate change and can help us to study how organisms adapt to it.