Challenge and Opportunity in Climate Change

NASA Europe goes through an age of no economic brilliance that translates, according to the main sociology and politology schools, into a lack of confidence in traditional politics. That was what John Ashton, former UK diplomat for climate change,

circulació oceànica

The climate’s oceanic memory

El paper dels oceans com a reguladors del clima és extraordinari, realment condicionen el present i el futur del planeta.


Desertification Processes in the Context of Global Change

Between 1925 and 1975, the Sahara desert grew, especially southward, about 645,000 km2, and in some parts of Sudan, the southern boundary of the desert moved 310,000 km2 between 1958 and 1975. This development was most important in the sixties and


The Arctic, drop by drop

The surface of the Arctic Ocean melts at a growing pace; in fact, it may run out of ice during summers within a maximum period of twenty years. Despite the huge environmental problem this implies, some governments seem more concerned with obtaining a part of

Aerogeneradors a la província de Ca

Aerogenerators and landscape

The future energy model in our country depends on the necessary deployment, among other sources, of wind energy. But the reconciliation between this net energy and the landscape has led to a polarisation of points of view.


Climate determinism?

Lately, I met David Livingstone, Professor of Geography and Intellectual History at Queen’s University Belfast, during a symposium held at the University of Bergen where he discussed, among other things, forms of knowledge in biomedical sciences. Livingstone is a renowned expert in attitudes to Darwinism,