climate change

The party

The Eyedropper continues during the summer and reminds us of the climate chane emergency.



Data show that, this summer, the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea is up to 5 ºC above normal values. This is the topic of the week in Ferran Martin's The Eyedropper


Life adapted to precariousness

Drylands contain great biodiversity. Their extension is growing due to climate change, so it is more and more essential to get to know more about them.



With a completely colonised Earth, we must look after the environment and be pioneers of a new status quo based on climate neutrality.


«Under a white sky», by Elizabeth Kolbert

Review of «Under a white sky», where Elizabeth Kolbert takes a look at global warming and climate change and discusses potential solutions.

climate change conferences

Climate change conferences

Ferran Martin takes a look at past, present, and future climate change conferences.

Metode 110 - canvi climàtic

“Mètode” analyses the environmental, social, and economic impacts of climate change

The new volume of Metode is coordinated by María José Sanz and Sérgio Henrique Faria and focuses on the many dimensions of climate change.

climate crisis

Beyond the climate crisis

It is not enough to address the climate crisis: it is necessary to tackle the entire set of problems that contribute to exceeding planetary boundaries.


A decade to act

This is a decisive decade in the fight against climate change, both in terms of mitigation and adaptation policies.

covid-19 and climate change

COVID-19 and climate change

The paper reviews the impact that COVID-19 has had on the ambitions of countries to meet the Paris Accord of reducing emissions to keep global temperature increases to below 2 ºC in this century.