Metode 110 - canvi climàtic

“Mètode” analyses the environmental, social, and economic impacts of climate change

The new volume of Metode is coordinated by María José Sanz and Sérgio Henrique Faria and focuses on the many dimensions of climate change.

climate crisis

Beyond the climate crisis

It is not enough to address the climate crisis: it is necessary to tackle the entire set of problems that contribute to exceeding planetary boundaries.


A decade to act

This is a decisive decade in the fight against climate change, both in terms of mitigation and adaptation policies.

covid-19 and climate change

COVID-19 and climate change

The paper reviews the impact that COVID-19 has had on the ambitions of countries to meet the Paris Accord of reducing emissions to keep global temperature increases to below 2 ºC in this century.


Climate change

Due to the climate change, seasonal differences in temperatures have become wider, and extreme weather events are becoming  more common.


Why are summer nights getting steadily warmer?

One of the factors is a warming of 2 °C, in recent decades, in the surface temperature of the Mediterranean. Answered by María José Estrela, full professor of Physical Geography at the UV.


Too many bears and penguins

Sara Moreno, Tatiana Pina and Martí Domínguez have shown the over-representation of iconic animals of climate change.


Sea-level rise

Thermal expansion of the ocean and mass loss from glaciers and ice sheets will continue to be the main contributors to the sea level rise.

puesto frutas nutrición

Disentangling nutrition facts from fiction

There is a widespread misconception, mainly due to perverse agnogenic practices, that nutrition is hard and confusing, that we do not really know what to eat and that health professionals cannot agree.

covid crisis climate emergency

The arrival of COVID-19 in a context of climate emergency

Losing sight of climate change in the media could run the risk of strengthening the consensus for a narrative in favour of economic growth that leaves environmental issues in the background.