Martín de Cervera. Lliçó de teologia a la Universitat de Salamanca, amb alumnes de diversos ordes religiosos, 1614. Oli, portes de l’armari del depòsit de manuscrits de la Biblioteca Universitària.

Can theology be a science?

The article defends the idea that theology should disappear from university programmes. It cannot be a science because it is based on faith and authority.



Retraction is a compulsory literary genre: it is only written by one who has no other choice, and it does not pursue fame. Except for a few media cases, retractions go unnoticed by the public. What makes for hot news?

science communicator illustration

How to become a science communicator

Pere Estupinyà offers advice for young scientists who do not know how to take the leap into science communication.


To what extent do pseudosciences affect teachers?

In this text we examine the degree of acceptance of these beliefs in high-school science teachers-in-training, among which significant levels of acceptance of pseudoscience have been detected.


Is there a hole in the ozone layer of your climate change?

Eight out of ten Spaniards think the hole in the ozone layer, caused by human actions, is the key physical cause of climate change. This belief, constructed from scientific elements (concepts, images, icons, discourse), is a product of popular culture. Science has never confirmed this relationship.