Gabriel Andrade
Sociologist and PhD in Human Sciences. Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Ajman University (United Arab Emirates). His main area of research is ethics and psychology in the medical context, as well as the analysis of cultural phenomena from a psychological and philosophical perspective. He is the author of the books La Biblia ¡vaya timo! (2018), Islam ¡vaya timo! (2016) and La teología ¡vaya timo! (2014), all published by Laetoli.
Martín de Cervera. Lliçó de teologia a la Universitat de Salamanca, amb alumnes de diversos ordes religiosos, 1614. Oli, portes de l’armari del depòsit de manuscrits de la Biblioteca Universitària.

The article defends the idea that theology should disappear from university programmes. It cannot be a science because it is based on faith and authority.