Boosting vaccination

Communication research can reinforce vaccination uptake, a key public health tool, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Re-imagining One Health

This article proposes an effort to make the most of the potential of social sciences and thus reimagine the concept of One Health.

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The arrival of COVID-19 in a context of climate emergency

Losing sight of climate change in the media could run the risk of strengthening the consensus for a narrative in favour of economic growth that leaves environmental issues in the background.

reporting on coronavirus

How to report on the coronavirus?

Gema Revuelta, Ángela Bernardo, Margarita del Val, and Salvador Macip offer their opinion on the media coverage of the pandemic.

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Creative (climate) communications

Researcher Max Boykoff has just published the book Creative (Climate) Communications. In this text, he offers some key ideas he discusses in depth in his new publication.

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A commitment to health

In the winter of 2015/16, Mètode devoted a monograph to health communication, specially focusing on the role played by mass media in issues such as sanitary crisis, the stigmatization of some illness or public health campaigns.

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How to learn from our mistakes

Reviewing public communications emitted during health crises in the last thirty years is useful for verifying that there are a number of repeated mistakes: for example, untrained spokespeople with poor communication skills, ambiguous messages, lack of communication plans for the crisis, and improvisation, which ends


Fukushima in the Spanish Press

The study reported here sets out to explore the different ideological stances taken by several Spanish newspapers and the opinions proffered, to see whether there was scientific debate about nuclear energy in the popular Spanish press.