Javier Granda Revilla

Freelance journalist specialising in health. He is the Vice-President of the National Association of Health Journalists (ANIS), which awarded him the prize for best communication work in 2014. He is also a member of the Spanish Association of Scientific Communication (AECC) and the Association of Biotechnology Communicators (ACB). He is Professor in Scientific Communication for the Master’s Degree at the Pharmaceutical Industry Scientific Departments (ESAME Foundation – University of Barcelona). He currently collaborates with the science supplement «BigVang» at La Vanguardia, the health supplements of El País, La Razón, and Diario Médico, and the journal El Médico.

vaccine influenza A - health crises

Reviewing public communications emitted during health crises in the last thirty years is useful for verifying that there are a number of repeated mistakes: