Teresa L. Thompson

Emeritus Professor of Communication at the University of Dayton (USA). Her research focuses on health communication and gender, ethics, provider-patient interaction, and coping with bereavement. She has edited the journal Health Communication for almost 35 years and she has authored and edited numerous books and articles, including all three editions of The Routledge Handbook of Health Communication and the three volume SAGE Encyclopedia of Health Communication.

This article proposes an effort to make the most of the potential of social sciences and thus reimagine the concept of One Health.

Mètode 114 One health: un món, una salut

Although a One Health perspective has, in one way or another, been around at least since the time of Hippocrates, the term itself was

cover trump pandemics management

The problem with the handling of COVID-19 in the United States has been more political than public health-related. When a country has a president who «didn’t know» and thought that «most people didn’t know» that the flu can kill people, what can be expected in terms of the handling of a pandemic?