Benestar animal. Photo: Suzanne Tucker

Animal welfare

Open call for papers on the animal welfare from a from a scientific, philosophical, sociological and legal point of view. Deadline for submission: 4 June 2024.

Lori Marino

Interview with Lori Marino

Having taught at Emory University (Atlanta, US) for two decades, Lori Marino is the founder and Executive Director of The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy and founder and President of the Whale Sanctuary Project, a place where zoo cetaceans can recover from the terrible consequences of

Carme Torras

Interview with Carme Torras

Technology is addictive. Carme Torras Genís (Barcelona, 1956) remarked this in one of her lectures, in which she usually warns of the need for an ethical perspective in robot design. She is a research professor at the Institute of Robotics and Industrial Informatics (a joint


Death in literature

Literature has had a range of ways to approach the concept of death, from expressions of personal grief, through to the ways they are represented in a culture.


Publishing science: A chronic problem

I write this article in the midst of a controversy among Spanish scientists regarding an alleged fraud in the works of one of them. If the accusations were true, published works, allegedly manipulated, passed the most rigorous scientific excellence tests for years. Fraud and plagiarism



The World Wide Web does not increase polymathy instrumentally. The Internet rather discourages it. Actually, the Internet generation and the library generation have more than a generational conflict. They stage a cultural rupture.


The Right not to Feel Pain

Pain can have far-reaching effects on people’s quality of life. Improper treatment is a serious healthcare issue and an ethical problem of the first degree, directly affecting people and potentially undermining their dignity.


Pregnancies to Order

There are various medical conditions that make women lose babies during pregnancy. That is why several enlightened countries facilitate the transplantation of foetuses either free or at token cost. Unfortunately, Spain is not one of them but many women and groups think it should be. Becoming a mother or father is simply too important to allow red tape to stop volunteers from helping couples have a child.


Food Ethics

Relfexionem sobre la fam al món, l'alimentació sostenible o els animals de granja en aquest article compromés amb la bona qualitat dels aliments.