Salvador Macip
PhD in Molecular Genetics and Human Physiology and researcher at the University of Leicester (UK), where he leads a research group on cancer and ageing. He also teaches at the Open University of Catalonia (Spain). As an author, he has published several novels and science communication works.
Lukas souza - Plane Covid 19

The author reminds us that we are going into a pandemic summer and the situation will remain for a long time. We must be optimist, but remain cautious.
mistakes covid19 airport

Next time we could be facing an even deadlier virus than SARS-CoV-2. Now is the perfect time to start working.

Tothom té una idea més o menys clara del que representa un càncer: un conjunt de cèl·lules que es divideixen sense control. Darrere d’aquesta imatge simplista s’amaga un dels problemes de salut més complexos i més greus que existeixen.