Etiqueta: women and science

Susan Hiller. From the Freud Museum, 1991-1996.
An obstacle race

ABSTRACT A scientific career is often like an obstacle course, but for women there are additional problems and specific mechanisms of exclusion. This article shows us the strategies used to overcome some such hurdles by reviewing the biographies of four psychologists who endeavoured to receive academic

Women at a pharmaceutical laboratory
Women and science

This article is a personal reflection about the context and determining aspects that have caused the exclusion of women from the scientific sphere, from the viewpoint of cultural history.

Introduction: Women and Science

The traditional exclusion of women from the public sphere, from education, politics, art and culture, as well as women's confinement to the domestic realm, have –little by little– undergone steady change since the Enlightenment, with the liberalisation of society and women's progressive admittance to public