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Migrating time after time, we reached every corner of the world. Slowly at first. Then, with the invention of boats, quite fast. Today, thanks to motorised vehicles, at great speed. We are the most migratory species in the world.

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Migrant Literature

This article discusses «migrant literature» in Catalonia, looking at the particular case of Najat El Hachmi, a Catalan writer of Moroccan origin. Here we analyse her first book, the auto-biographical essay Jo també sóc catalana.

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Pensioners’ Coast

This paper investigates the cross-border migration of North European retirees to the Costa Blanca and its influence on the urban expansion of resorts. We also discuss the reasons for these migrations, which are mainly related to climate and lifestyle.

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Refugees and Stateless Persons

Border control policies have been strengthened, making Spain – and indeed Europe as whole – a kind of fortress that is becoming increasingly hard to enter and, consequently, to request asylum.

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The Genetics of Human Migration

Studying the genetic diversity of human populations today reveals past demographic and migratory events that left an imprint on our genome, same as current migrations will affect our future genetic diversity.

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Dispersal in Primates

In the animal kingdom, dispersal represents a critical decision as it affects survival and reproductive success, and is also an important component of population dynamics. This article looks at dispersal pattern variation in primates and some of the underlying reasons, both proximate and root causes. Keywords: