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Science loses prestige

[caption id="attachment_44056" align="alignleft" width="320"] Illustration by Moisés Mahiques[/caption] A few days ago, the writer of a radio programme wrote to me asking if I would like to comment on a scientific study on the air. The study said that oral sex reduced the risk of cancer.

A changing media landscape

Economic restructuring in the media industry has eliminated many professional journalists’ jobs, reductions that may have been hardest on specialized journalists reporting areas like science, technology, economics, or international affairs.

Science, its publics and new media

Scientific journalism faces the challenge of adapting not only to new formats but also to new information exchange dynamics. New online platforms, making it easier to access and produce scientific content, are forcing science publics to evolve.

The conquest of readers

The huge responsibility of the media lies in the fact that citizens have the right to science information, to help them take better decisions, nurture a critical spirit, and form their own opinions.

two cultures
The two cultures

The relationship between scientists and journalists is better than its image would suggest. Scientists not only believe that public communication is a duty, but also that media visibility is beneficial.

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The science of the press

Communicating science effectively and rigorously is still one of the many challenges facing scientists and researchers today. Indeed, in the current context it is more important than ever to involve society in the work undertaken at universities and research centres.