volcanic eruption


The informative coverage of La Palma's volcanic eruption viewed by Ferran Martin and its Eyedropper.

Illustration: Moisés Mahiques

Twenty years as a science communicator

On 8 October, 2001, Pere Estupinyà started his career as a science communicator. He remembers the journey in this article.

coronavirus illustration

In winter, snakes sleep

Let us look at the coronavirus outbreak in China. Dissemination of accurate and well-interpreted information is key in the early stages of an emerging outbreak.

Illustration disseminate

Communicating, popularising, disseminating

What do scientists do when they explain their own or others’ research? Do they communicate do they popularise? Gemma Marfany prefers to say she disseminates knowledge...

biotecnologia i comunicació

Biotechnology and communication in democratic societies

Biotechnological research has made significant progress; however, some of its results are controversial because of their health and environmental risks, and these limit their application because of the precautionary measures applied to them.

periodisme científic

Science makes scientific journalism work difficult

Current science leads us to pajama dissemination, to write about stories without ever leaving our homes.

la ciencia perd prestigi

Science loses prestige

[caption id="attachment_44056" align="alignleft" width="320"] Illustration by Moisés Mahiques[/caption] A few days ago, the writer of a radio programme wrote to me asking if I would like to comment on a scientific study on the air. The study said that oral sex reduced the risk of cancer.


The case of diphtheria in Olot, a vaccine against anti-vaccinationists

Aki Hänninen / SINC At the end of May, alarms went off: one boy in Olot was diagnosed with diphtheria. It is the first Spanish case in 28 years and the first in Catalonia in 32 years. «Currently it


Disaster, uncertainty, opportunity or risk?

This article examines the television coverage of the three 2013 and 2014 reports by the Working Groups of the IPCC in five European countries: Germany, Norway, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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A changing media landscape

Economic restructuring in the media industry has eliminated many professional journalists’ jobs, reductions that may have been hardest on specialized journalists reporting areas like science, technology, economics, or international affairs.