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The coastline and Sisyphus myth

Fa un parell de números, el 74, la revista Mètode dedicava algunes de les seues pàgines a la costa mediterrània com a espai físic. Les presents línies s’interessen pel mateix espai, tot i canviant, però, el focus d’atenció: des de la perspectiva física i natural

The Arctic, drop by drop

The surface of the Arctic Ocean melts at a growing pace; in fact, it may run out of ice during summers within a maximum period of twenty years. Despite the huge environmental problem this implies, some governments seem more concerned with obtaining a part of

Wildfire in Andilla (La Serranía)
Wildfires, social breakdowns

The end of 2012 knocks at our door and, according to provisional data from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, we leave behind almost 200,000 hectares destroyed by fire throughout Spanish territory. The total number of fires and attempted arsons nears 15,000, although a

Climate determinism?

Lately, I met David Livingstone, Professor of Geography and Intellectual History at Queen’s University Belfast, during a symposium held at the University of Bergen where he discussed, among other things, forms of knowledge in biomedical sciences. Livingstone is a renowned expert in attitudes to Darwinism,

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In Pursuit of TV Screening

In Spain, the only programmes devoted to information on the environment are broadcast on public television channels. Private channels do not spend a minute on environmental slots.

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Saving the Planet

Environmental journalism has been instrumental to promote awareness that nature must be respected. However, reactionary sectors of society are using it to confuse public opinion.

A return to tradition

Very few activities have been so attached to the development of our society like agriculture has. All along history, the world of agriculture has been an essential piece in the social and economic changes of the region of Valencia. For centuries, our ancestors have selected and used vegetables and animals for their own feeding and for their communities, in a Mediterranean ecosystem, within the laws of ecology, adapting to the environment and modifying it.