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canvi global i oceans
Introduction: Oceans

A phenomenon of exceptional importance such as global change and its multiple effects has been discussed in several Mètode monographs. In recent years, public concern about what we already perceive to be the greatest threat to humanity has not stopped growing; at the same time,

march for climate
Are we in a climate emergency?

We are indeed in an emergency. Let there be no doubt about that. But if there is one thing that is even more paralysing than not accepting the situation we are in, it is saying that our house is on fire and then calmly keep watching television.

The coastline and Sisyphus myth

In times of developmentalism, some territories found in the «Sun and sand» tourism their way towards development so they grew based on the simple but unsustainable profitability of the coast zone, regardless of its conservation.

The Arctic, drop by drop

The surface of the Arctic Ocean melts at a growing pace; in fact, it may run out of ice during summers within a maximum period of twenty years. Despite the huge environmental problem this implies, some governments seem more concerned with obtaining a part of

Wildfire in Andilla (La Serranía)
Wildfires, social breakdowns

The end of 2012 knocks at our door and, according to provisional data from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, we leave behind almost 200,000 hectares destroyed by fire throughout Spanish territory. The total number of fires and attempted arsons nears 15,000, although a

Climate determinism?

Lately, I met David Livingstone, Professor of Geography and Intellectual History at Queen’s University Belfast, during a symposium held at the University of Bergen where he discussed, among other things, forms of knowledge in biomedical sciences. Livingstone is a renowned expert in attitudes to Darwinism,


Science springs from a method that measures and contrasts. Without measurements, thinking is something vague. But life-cycle assessors have no thermometers. The lay their hands on the sick creature’s forehead and knit their brows