Fotograma de El castell ambulant de Miyazaki

It is all there in the drawing of the wind

In his films, Miyazaki notes that the boundless confidence in progress and growth inherent in modern thinking and state dynamics leads directly to catastrophe.


Interview with Cristina Mittermeier

Interview with Cristina Mittermeier, conservation biologist and photographer. She shares her projects, which combine both of her professional interests.

World Ocean Day


This week was World Ocean Day and Ferran Martin reminds us of the need to look at marine ecosystems well beyond 8 June.

digital pollution

Digital pollution

Digital pollution is invisible, but its impact on the environment is significant. This week's cartoon by Ferran Martín takes a look at it.

big data

The double footprint of Big Data

Big data, one of the greatest businesses in the future, is bad for the environment, with high energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Processors have become more efficient, but the amount of information is growing exponentially.



The Coast Guards International Ice Patrol monitors Atlantic icebergs and even diverts their course from oil rigs.

canvi global i oceans

Introduction: Oceans

A phenomenon of exceptional importance such as global change and its multiple effects has been discussed in several Mètode monographs. In recent years, public concern about what we already perceive to be the greatest threat to humanity has not stopped growing; at the same time,

image empty Valencia confinement COVID-19

The environmental effects of the coronavirus crisis

Is the planet benefiting from a halt in human movement? Is pollution decreasing? Experts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Valencia reflect on the environmental impact of confinement policies.

march for climate

Are we in a climate emergency?

We are indeed in an emergency. Let there be no doubt about that. But if there is one thing that is even more paralysing than not accepting the situation we are in, it is saying that our house is on fire and then calmly keep watching television.


Why is palm oil harmful?

Palm oil is a plant oil consisting on saturated fats, which increase cholesterol and cardiovascular risks.