This week in «La Pipeta», Ferran Martín invites us to playfully reflect on transhumanism.


Interview with Salvador Macip

We talk about transhumanism with the doctor and science author Salvador Macip. This is the most transcendent debate in our history.


Surpassing our genes

Gattaca's message should be reconsidered as a defence of the possibility to create superior post-humans through genetic engineering.


We are (and will always be) ephemeral

Stories about the future, and about the humans living in the future, stem from our awareness of our own limitations and all that which we may never be.


Human enhancement and functional diversity

Human enhancement through genome editing is one of the goals of transhumanism, but its implementation might generate important discriminations.

Marejada 8. Marina Núñez

Introduction: Transhumanism

This monograph explores transhumanism and provides arguments to participate in what might very well be the most important debate in our history.

Marejada 7. Marina Núñez

Editorial: Transhumanism

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Issue 111

Transhumanism is the focus of the new issue of Mètode

What will future humans look like? The monograph reflects on the science that will allow us to pose new challenges in our evolution.

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What do you feel when you think about science?

What do you feel when you thnk about science? There are people who feel nothing at all and so they prefer other readings. I imagine that you will have many different ones, but which is the most prevalent, the one that weighs most heavily?