Miquel-Àngel Serra
PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Master on Science Leadership & Management. Researcher at the Laboratory of Neuropharmacology, Department of Experimental & Health Sciences, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) (Spain). He is co-author and co-ordinator, together with the lawyer Albert Cortina, of three books addressing transhumanism and human enhancement: ¿Humanos o posthumanos? Singularidad tecnológica y mejoramiento humano (Fragmenta, 2015), Humanidad∞. Desafíos éticos de las tecnologías emergentes (Ediciones Internacionales Universitarias, 2016) and Singulares. Ética de las tecnologías emergentes en personas con diversidad funcional (Ediciones Internacionales Universitarias, 2016)

Human enhancement through genome editing is one of the goals of transhumanism, but its implementation might generate important discriminations.