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Navier-Stokes equations

Mathematically, the motion of a fluid is described by the so-called Navier-Stokes equations. In the spirit of Newtonian mechanics, these equations should determine the future motion of the fluid out of its initial state.

Old mathematical challenges

The aim of this article is to highlight some previous challenges that were also a stimulus to finding proof for some interesting results. With this pretext, we present three moments in the history of mathematics that were important for the development of new lines of research.

The Hodge conjecture

The Hodge conjecture, proposed in 1950, is one of the seven millennium problems, and is framed within differential geometry and algebraic geometry.

Poincaré conjecture

The Poincaré conjecture is a topological problem established in 1904 by the French mathematician Henri Poincaré. It characterises three-dimensional spheres in a very simple way. This problem was directly solved between 2002 and 2003 by Grigori Perelman, and as a consequence of his demonstration of the Thurston geometrisation conjecture.

The Millenium problems

The Clay Mathematics Institute made a list of seven problems in May 2000; they were called the «millennium problems». Finding their solution has an added incentive: each solver will receive a million dollars as a prize.

Debate at the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Valencia
The mathematics media blackout

The journalists José Martí and Javier del Pino analyse media coverage of the discipline during the debate «How mathematics are seen from the other side».

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Absolute truth exists

Each domain of knowledge has its own language, content and method. They give it character, and whenever a field of knowledge advances, it is thanks to one of them. Language is very important for science, but is not necessarily a priority. Old language can lead


In the eighteenth century, the metre, its multiples and decimal submultiples cornered the cumbersome use of sexagesimal systems, still valid until then.