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Disentangling nutrition facts from fiction

There is a widespread misconception, mainly due to perverse agnogenic practices, that nutrition is hard and confusing, that we do not really know what to eat and that health professionals cannot agree.

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Diet-disease relationships

Nutritional epidemiology currently studies the diet-disease relationships. In this review, we analyse the impact of diet on health and the importance of dietary factors in the prevention of non-communicable diseases.

Red radish

Our red radishes

Enjoy red radishes: we look for some seeds among friends and make room for them in out garden so we can have them almost at any time of the year.


Summer courgettes

Courgettes are easy to cultivate in the garden: they are rustic and grow fast, and they only need light and heat. Therefore, we will sow them when the risk of frost has passed.


Artichoke Plant and Artichokes

Especially during winter, the beauty of the artichoke plant, with great clear leaves, brightens and lightens up the garden. If we have enough surface, such a useful plant must be present. We will give it a very sunny

Assaig de tipus de cols a la Marjal del Moro

Cabbages for the summer

A Valencian proverb says «Who plants cabbages in July will be able to eat them at anytime». This is the topic of this article, the cabbage family, very important in the Valencian fields and tables.