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The challenges of science communication

On the occasion of Mètode's 25th anniversary, we bring back issue number 80, dedicated to the current situation of science communication in written press and its next challenges for the next few years.

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The two cultures

The relationship between scientists and journalists is better than its image would suggest. Scientists not only believe that public communication is a duty, but also that media visibility is beneficial.

The Two Cultures: Fictionalised Debate

English physicist and writer Charles Percy Snow (1905-1980) sometimes asked representatives of the so-called «traditional culture» – humanism for him – if any of them could explain the second law of thermodynamics. The answer was always cold and negative. Snow considered the question similar to

Science in the Valencian media

The specialization of journalists in the context of economic crisis and the business model of newspapers brought about with the advent of the Internet, the complex language of science and the popularization of social networks in the exchange of content

The two cultures

[caption id="attachment_9962" align="alignleft" width="200"] Anna Sanchis[/caption] The Valencian newspapers Levante —El Mercantil Valenciano, has always paid close attention to science. In a shy way, of course, and maybe even insufficiently, but it has been a systematic communication that we hope has left an imprint on our