Extraterrestrial signals

The year 2020 ended with a potential detection by the Breakthrough Listen project of an artificial signal coming from Proxima Centauri. But there was no indication of structure or modulation in the signal, no evidence that it carried any information.


In the end, we will be Martians

Mars shining brightly in the eastern sky shortly after sunset. This coppery dot is a world of mountains, ravines, and frozen poles that millennia ago was home to seas and rushing rivers. Today, however, it is a cold desert, with its geological history exposed to

literary journeys moon

Literary journeys to the Moon

Centuries before Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon, several fictional characters had already set foot on it. In the absence of any real means to do so, literature made the journey easier.

International Space Station dome

Orbital insanity

To avoid potential psychotic episodes, the International Space Station astronauts talk weekly to their friends and family.


Kessler syndrome

Kessler Syndrome refers to an avalanche-like phenomenon in which, from a critical density of objects, a collision with space junk produces more junk, which in turn causes more collisions.

Sistema Solar

The Solar System highway

The Solar System has its own road network, the Interplanetary Transport Network (ITN), a ser of trajectories related to the Lagrange points.

Pedro Duque

Interview with Pedro Duque

Pedro Duque (Madrid, 1963) is known for being the first Spanish astronaut in the European Space Agency to ever travel to space.


Faster than Light

ESA/Hubble & NASA Travelling at hyperluminal speeds would open to humanity the possibility of exploring the whole galaxy, and even, perhaps, other galaxies. In the image, the UGC 12158, photographed by the Hubble space telescope. It is believed to be a virtual twin of our own