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A look at the cosmos

Violent Universe, Mètode's latest issue, has had the collaboration of the Valencian artist Aurora Valero (Alboraia, 1940). With her powerful and colourful works, she offers her interpretation of the origin and creation of the universe. She explains on MètodeTV. [English language subtitles are available for this

Mandra  - Sociofolcologia

Lucretian inductions, Galilean evidence or Darwinian deductions were attacks against mental laziness, which is more powerful than any dogma can be. Ideological reasons do not explain human resistance to change. Basically, they tend to sloth.

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Carles Puche

Journalist Carme Puche shares one of the many conversations she had with her father Carles Puche, scientific illustrator, about the importance of drawing science.

Facing the mirror

Dues malalties com el càncer i la sida han reactivat la creació contemporània entorn de la malaltia en l'últim quart del segle passat. Dues afeccions maleïdes i sense guariment definitiu, que estan socialment farcides de tabús i metàfores. estigmatitzadores.