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Social networks and robotic company
Social networks and robot companions

The growing interaction with machines poses several questions about which we have no previous experience, nor can we reliably predict how they will influence the evolution of society.

Robotics and automation for societal good

Robotics and automation and artificial intelligence technologies hold immense potential in addressing many of the societal challenges as exemplified in the sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda of the United Nations.

Robots that look like humans

Some say that a humanoid should have a «full body» including two arms and legs, exactly like a human. This article intends to cover research on humanoid robotics in a broad manner.

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«The Measure of All Minds», by José Hernández Orallo

What is intelligence? In «The Measure of All Minds», José Hernández-Orallo ponders upon how we should measure human, animal, and artificial intelligence. The book tries to create connections between the evaluation of artificial intelligence, very primary at the moment, and the extensive tradition of evaluation