Carme Torras
PhD in Computer Science and Research Professor at the Robotics Institute (CSIC-UPC, Spain), where she leads a research group in assistive and collaborative robotics. She is a believer in science fiction as a tool to promote ethics in robotics and new technologies. She wrote the novels Enxarxats (Males Herbes, 2017) and La mutació sentimental (Pagès Editors, 2008) which won the Pedrolo and Ictineu awards and was translated into English with the title The vestigial heart (MIT Press, 2018).
Social networks and robotic company

The growing interaction with machines poses several questions about which we have no previous experience, nor can we reliably predict how they will influence the evolution of society.

Mètode SSJ's monograph tries to offer a general overview of the world of robotics and artificial intelligence from the perspective of six experts on the field.

Industrial robots and androids in science fiction were worlds apart until recently, but now begin to merge with the rapid development of social robotics.