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Divan couches and gurus

As a set of pseudoscientific ideas, clinical pseudopsychology has a peculiar characteristic: it has established an entire tradition parallel to psychology, with numerous branches and interrelated theoretical and practical developments.

The scam of pseudoscience

Pseudosciences are by-products of the prestige of science as a social enterprise and as a means of obtaining knowledge. Their character is inherently negative, given that, by definition, a pseudoscience is an intellectual fraud consisting of products, practices, or ideas unconnected with scientific rationality that

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Hurry up calmly

[caption id="attachment_18596" align="alignleft" width="320"] 2007 commemorative stamp with the face of the physiologist and physician Hans Selye, on the occasion of  the one hundred anniversary of his birth. / Mètode[/caption] It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. (Hans Selye) Humans have always been extraordinary

Susan Hiller. From the Freud Museum, 1991-1996.
An obstacle race

ABSTRACT A scientific career is often like an obstacle course, but for women there are additional problems and specific mechanisms of exclusion. This article shows us the strategies used to overcome some such hurdles by reviewing the biographies of four psychologists who endeavoured to receive academic