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Can plants have cancer?

The answer to this is yes. Plants can reproduce errors in the growth of some cells, which would cause the formation of cell masses or tumours that could be considered cancers.

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Edible Childhood Ethnobotany

[caption id="attachment_14781" align="alignleft" width="200"] Guildhall Art Gallery (Londres)John Everett Millais. The Woodsman's Daughter, 1850-51. Oil on canvas, 64,7 x 88,9 cm. The author describes a countryside scene with a boy offering strawberries, possibly wild.[/caption] The abandonment of rural areas and the interruption of intergenerational oral transmission have created

Nativity Set Anachronisms

Christmas time is here and traditional nativity sets can be found all over town. Traditional Spanish nativity sets show scenes set in Roman Egypt or Palestine, and people, animals, buildings and plants are included in these sets. One