Selena Giménez-Ibánez
Researcher at the Plant Molecular Genetics Department in the National Center of Biotechnology-CSIC (CNB-CSIC), Spain. She studied Agronomist Engineer at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain) and carried out her Master Thesis at Wageningen University (the Netherlands), specializing in plant biotechnology and breeding. Then, she moved The Sainsbury Laboratory (John Innes Centre, UK), a leading centre in plant-microbial sciences, to do her PhD studies. Since 2010, she has developed her research career at CNB-CSIC, where she develops her research in plant-microbe interactions focused in understanding plant defense mechanisms controlling plant resistance against pests, and how different types of microbes are able to become successful pathogens, which might help to design novel strategies for crop protection.
resistant crops tomato

The new biotechnological approaches to the design of resistant crops will allow us to cut agricultural losses and reduce chemical inputs.