The Eyedropper commemorates World Cancer Day, celebrated every 4 February with the aim of raising awareness of the disease.


Blue light: imaginary danger, lucrative business

In recent years, many new businesses promise to free us from the risks of blue light.



The Eyedropper is dedicated to Svante Päabo, the swedish biologist who has won this year's Nobel Prize for Medicine


Clinical sampling

Ferran Martin's eyedropper talks about clinical sampling

desenvolupament de medicaments per la FDA

Medications against drugs

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a significant public health concern. Unfortunately, there are few safe and effective medications to treat SUD and efficacy is suboptimal.


Beyond the double helix

Apart from the double helix, DNA can present other structures such as G-quadruplexes, whose study has boomed in recent years.


The traces of cancer

Autobiographical comics allow the authors to talk about cancer from a humour perspective and to share their experiences of the disease.

colourblind vision

Why do colourblind people see colours differently?

Colourblind people see colours differently because they do not have all the necessary information from the L, M and S cones. A simile would be to try to obtain different paint colours by mixing only two primary colours: we would never be able to obtain the full range of existing colours.

ears nose

Why do ears and nose grow when we are old?

In the early 1990s, a group of English doctors set out to study whether the perception that ears and noses grow over time was true. Àngels Royo explains the results of this research project.

dna bank

Who wants your DNA?

By giving away our DNA and genetic data, we are giving away the DNA and genetic data of our entire biological family. We have to think if the objective we are pursuing is worthwhile.