The Wright brothers conquer Mars

In April 2021, the ingenuity drone flew within the Martian atmosphere. Its purpose was to demonstrate the feasibility of flight in the tenuous Martian atmosphere.


In the end, we will be Martians

Mars shining brightly in the eastern sky shortly after sunset. This coppery dot is a world of mountains, ravines, and frozen poles that millennia ago was home to seas and rushing rivers. Today, however, it is a cold desert, with its geological history exposed to

Perseverance rover

Extraterrestrial pandemics

Can an extraterrestrial organism produce a catastrophic pandemic on our planet? Such a question arises every time we consider bringing samples from other worlds in the Solar System, especially now, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

fotograma mart

Stepping on Mars… or not

We seem to be living a sweet moment for manned exploration missions to Mars. There are several projects underway, both by private companies and space agencies, which aim to be the first to put a human being on Mars. Does this mean that we are now going to make the ancient dream of stepping on Mars come true?

still from the martian

Space explorers need to be space farmers

Space exploration will require life support systems, in which plants can provide nutrients, oxygen, moisture, and psychological well-being and eliminate wastes.


Astronomy and space on the big screen

The existence of habitable extra solar planets, is nothing new in science fiction cinema. Perhaps more interesting is the existence of unusual planets, such as the planet Tatooine from Star Wars (1977), by George Lucas, that orbits a binary star system.