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Oases are what they are, but the desert around them makes us perceive them as lavish. We live in a universe of mental oases and we do not give things the value they have, but the value we would like them to have.

A good deal for agrarian diversity

As in the good times of the old agrarian relations, the Regional Department of Agriculture of the Valencian government offers a deal to the land labourers interested in preserving diversity in the field: traditional horticultural seeds in exchange for information.

Restarting L’Horta in Valencia

Cabanyal Horta «When I lived in Valencia I used to go to the beach with the electric train from the station in Pont de Fusta (the Wooden Bridge). I had to go across the gardens [“Horta” in Catalan], which at that time was already beginning

Summer courgettes

Courgettes are easy to cultivate in the garden: they are rustic and grow fast, and they only need light and heat. Therefore, we will sow them when the risk of frost has passed.

Potato field
Potato season

The modest potato is a tuber of great nutritional value and it should be grown in our garden at least once in a while. Although we would need a big vegetable garden (30 to 50 square metres) in order to meet the needs of a