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Why Does Corn Pop?

Question sent by JORGE GIL FERNÁNDEZ (València). FERNANDO SAPIÑA answers: We can find a lot of videos on YouTube showing different phenomena in slow-motion: a bullet going through a piece of fruit, the neve-rending dance of jelly, the pop of a corn kernel, etc. There is some

Wine flavours

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] I was at Casona del Pinar (Segovia) in early August when Ain's Wine Show was held within the context of the events prepared for Mercat a l’Antiga. I saw some pictures on my friend Pep Pérez's Facebook wall, and I found myself eager to try these wines. A few

Three pigments III: Carotenoids

Martí Domínguez was right when he wrote a few weeks ago in El Temps, a Catalan weekly journal, that the orangey colour of clementines announced the arrival of autumn. Clementines are followed by other autumn fruits—

texture of food
The texture of food

Flavour and texture are two criteria currently used to accept or reject food. Texture is a concept with no clear definition when used in gastronomy. However, materials science can help us to develop objective procedures to measure the texture of foods, for the latter is