Pilar Domingo Calap al laboratori

Virus vs. bacteria

Pilar Domingo Calap combines her Ramón y Cajal research work at I2SysBio, where she leads the «Environmental and Biomedical Virology» group, with teaching at the University of Valencia in the Department of Genetics.


Hideous progeny?

Current biotechnology is transforming what we understand as human. This article explores some of these technologies and their social, ethical, and philosophical implications.


Vaccines against COVID-19

Vaccine development takes a long time, often more than fifteen years. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has accelerated the process in record time. This race has only just begun and there is much to be learned in the near future.


Pseudoscience and bad science in biomedicine

Pseudoscience (false science) and science based on faulty and biased studies (bad science) produce false or uncertain knowledge, with poor or no evidence.


Pregnancies to Order

There are various medical conditions that make women lose babies during pregnancy. That is why several enlightened countries facilitate the transplantation of foetuses either free or at token cost. Unfortunately, Spain is not one of them but many women and groups think it should be. Becoming a mother or father is simply too important to allow red tape to stop volunteers from helping couples have a child.