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The double footprint of Big Data

Big data, one of the greatest businesses in the future, is bad for the environment, with high energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Processors have become more efficient, but the amount of information is growing exponentially.

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On Big Data

A heated debate exists on the subject of Big Data. What can be expected and what not from them? Do data speak for themselves?


Everything they know about us

Just by using a small part of the trail that we leave on the Internet, one can elaborate a sufficiently approximate profile.

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Statistics in particle physics

The history of particle physics has witnessed many experiments that could illustrate the role of statistics, but few can boast a discovery of such scientific impact and dimensions as the Higgs boson, resulting from a colossal collective and technological endeavour.

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Big Data and statistics

Big Data brings unprecedented power to address scientific, economic and societal issues, but also amplifies the possibility of certain pitfalls.