«Black hole blues», by Janna Levin

Review of «Black hole blues and other songs from outer space», by Janna Levin. The astrophysicist explains the story of the gravitational wave detection project LIGO.

light pollution

Light pollution

This is the time to enjoy meteor showers... if you are lucky enough to be far away from any city and their light pollution.


Extraterrestrial signals

The year 2020 ended with a potential detection by the Breakthrough Listen project of an artificial signal coming from Proxima Centauri. But there was no indication of structure or modulation in the signal, no evidence that it carried any information.


Lock-down astronomy

The street lights prevent us from gazing at their wonders and phenomena of the night sky.


Life on Venus

Fernando Ballesteros discusses the discovery of phosphine on Venus and other historical hypotheses regarding signs of life on other planets.

fotograma mart

Stepping on Mars… or not

We seem to be living a sweet moment for manned exploration missions to Mars. There are several projects underway, both by private companies and space agencies, which aim to be the first to put a human being on Mars. Does this mean that we are now going to make the ancient dream of stepping on Mars come true?

Leap Years

Why do we have leap years?

2020 will have an extra day, but what is the origin of this leap year? Amelia Ortiz-Gil, PhD in astrophysics and disseminator for the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia, answers.


Save the moon

The author shows his concern regarding space agencies' and private companies' recent interest on exploiting the Moon's resources.

aurores boreals

Why do auroras occur?

Auroras originate in the Sun. The star continuously emits particles which, when solar activity is high, reach the Earth's atmosphere in the form of large bursts of solar wind.

International Space Station dome

Orbital insanity

To avoid potential psychotic episodes, the International Space Station astronauts talk weekly to their friends and family.