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Kessler syndrome

Kessler Syndrome refers to an avalanche-like phenomenon in which, from a critical density of objects, a collision with space junk produces more junk, which in turn causes more collisions.

What is a supermoon?

According to the astrophysicist and communicator Javier Armentia, supermoons do not really exist. As he explains, the term is not astronomical, but vulgar astrology.

Sistema Solar
The Solar System highway

The Lagrange points are regions of gravitational balance in the surroundings of two stars in which it is possible to leave a ship and keep it there with very little effort. The most intuitive of these points, the L1, is between the two stars and

Kepler 62f

Since the first worlds were found orbiting other stars in the 1990s, in barely two decades, more than three thousand extrasolar planets have been found.

Astronomy and space on the big screen

Since its origins, cinema has been fascinated with the subject of scientific developments. In particular, astronomy and astrophysics have played an important role in science fiction stories about space travel and exploration. Though the science has not always been accurately represented, in the last decades