Fernando Ballesteros

In search of exo-moons

Fernando Ballesteros, researcher at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Valencia, searches for moons orbiting exoplanets using the Kepler space telescope.

la maniobra d’aerofrenat a l’atmosfera marciana, duta a terme per l’ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter l’octubre del 2016.

Jerónimo Muñoz and atmospheric travel to other planets

Jerónimo Muñoz, a 16th-century Valencian astronomer, made important observations of the supernova that exploded in 1572, as well as eclipses, stars, and extremely precise maps.


Scientific photography and astronomy

Photography has established itself as a key tool in astronomical research and is fundamental to a better understanding of the universe.



Science never ceases to show us fresh glances at new universes (literal or figurative), and Ferran Martín's The eyedropper takes a look at them as well.


Next stop, Proxima Centauri

At the moment, a manned mission to Proxima Centauri involves a number of problems and challenges that we are still unable to solve.



Ferran Martin takes a look at artificial satellites orbiting our planet.


«Black hole blues», by Janna Levin

Review of «Black hole blues and other songs from outer space», by Janna Levin. The astrophysicist explains the story of the gravitational wave detection project LIGO.


The Wright brothers conquer Mars

In April 2021, the ingenuity drone flew within the Martian atmosphere. Its purpose was to demonstrate the feasibility of flight in the tenuous Martian atmosphere.

light pollution

Light pollution

This is the time to enjoy meteor showers... if you are lucky enough to be far away from any city and their light pollution.


Extraterrestrial signals

The year 2020 ended with a potential detection by the Breakthrough Listen project of an artificial signal coming from Proxima Centauri. But there was no indication of structure or modulation in the signal, no evidence that it carried any information.