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Osteological collections
A particular heritage

One of the main pillars of bioanthropological studies are identified osteological collections. The goal of this article is to describe this heritage and show its importance.

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Interview with Jared Diamond

What can we learn from traditional societies? We might think that nothing, and we would be totally wrong. The World Until Yesterday (Viking Press, 2012), the latest book by the American writer Jared Diamond (born 1937), is a detailed and exhaustive answer to this question.

Women… courageous and wise

Until relatively recently, women have had problems gaining access to jobs traditionally taken by men such as medicine, professorships and research. Some women, however, like the three given as examples in this article, managed to become pioneers in the most difficult disciplines and areas requiring utmost dedication.

Robin Dunbar
Robin Dunbar

Interview with Robin Dunbar, Evolutionary Antropology Professor at Oxford University, about the nature of the human being.