Towards recovery

The best treatments for alcohol dependence are currently those developed within multidisciplinary programmes, which include psychological, sociological, and medical dimensions. It is important to consider recovery as the culmination of a process of change.

alcohol use disorder

The other targets of alcohol use disorder

Drinking alcohol is an established and normalised practice in our society, even though it can increase the chance of negative consequences for the drinkers or their environment.


The other epidemics

Science has shown us that alcohol use disorder is a chronic and relapsing disease, but talking about it in our culture is still complicated.

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Introduction: Willpower hijacked

Surely, we all know someone close to us who uses drugs. Consider, for example, tobacco or alcohol, or even marijuana. They may at some point have tried to stop using and, after somewhat longer or shorter periods of abstinence, have started using again. Not every drug

puesto frutas nutrición

Disentangling nutrition facts from fiction

There is a widespread misconception, mainly due to perverse agnogenic practices, that nutrition is hard and confusing, that we do not really know what to eat and that health professionals cannot agree.


Why do we consume alcohol despite its harmful effects?

Alcohol is like any other type of drug, except more widespread and accepted. It is important to contextualise the importance of social behaviour in its consumption.


Why can we drink ethanol but not methanol?

FERNANDO SAPIÑA answers: In our everyday life, we have contact mainly with one type of alcohol: ethanol. It is the liquid we use as disinfectant for our wounds, due to its antiseptic properties. In addition, we consume drinks with this substance, as is the case with


Beyond genetics

El càncer és un dels problemes sanitaris més importants dels països occidentals, donada l'alta incidència i elevada mortalitat que té. En aquest article ens ocuparem dels factors externs capaços d'induir el desenvolupament d'un càncer: agents químics, físics i biològics.