«Willpower hijacked», new Mètode monograph

Mètode publishes a new issue, with a monograph focused on addiction, its biological roots, its consequences for health and possible treatments.


Gambling addiction: myth or reality?

Interest in gambling disorder (pathological gambling) has been growing in both the clinical and scientific community. This has permitted a better understanding of the pathology and the design of potential therapeutic options.

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Medications against drugs

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a significant public health concern. Unfortunately, there are few safe and effective medications to treat SUD and efficacy is suboptimal.


Towards recovery

The best treatments for alcohol dependence are currently those developed within multidisciplinary programmes, which include psychological, sociological, and medical dimensions. It is important to consider recovery as the culmination of a process of change.

alcohol use disorder

The other targets of alcohol use disorder

Drinking alcohol is an established and normalised practice in our society, even though it can increase the chance of negative consequences for the drinkers or their environment.


From crayfish to humans

As with other animal species such as crayfish, drugs activate our brain's reward system to induce a false signal announcing the arrival of a great benefit for our survival.

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Introduction: Willpower hijacked

Surely, we all know someone close to us who uses drugs. Consider, for example, tobacco or alcohol, or even marijuana. They may at some point have tried to stop using and, after somewhat longer or shorter periods of abstinence, have started using again. Not every drug